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Ahmad Kamal Aslam, MD, FACC, RPVI, RVS

A Premier Cardiology Clinic in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to the heart. We combine advanced cardiology expertise with personalized care at A Premier Cardiology Clinic in Jackson Heights, NY.

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Welcome to the Top-Notch Cardiovascular Care in Brooklyn and Queens

Dr. Ahmad Kamal Aslam and his team of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, ultrasound technicians and a friendly reception staff take pride in being the foremost cardiology service providers in Brooklyn and Queens.

We are committed to providing compassionate care at our state-of-the-art premises in both Brooklyn and Queens offices.

Your journey to a healthier heart begins with us. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmad Kamal Aslam, MD, at Atlantic Cardiovascular today. Let us guide you toward a heart-healthy future where your well-being is our foremost priority. Trust us to be your partners in cardiac care.

Our Cardiac Care Services

Located in the vibrant community of Jackson Heights, Our clinic provides a full spectrum of cardiac and vascular services for your unique health needs. Experience the convergence of top-tier medical expertise and innovative treatments, all dedicated to enhancing your heart’s health and vitality right here in NY.

Our expert cardiologists utilize angioplasty stents to restore optimal blood flow to the heart. This minimally invasive approach ensures maximum patient comfort and recovery.
Assessing the heart's response to stress is crucial in pinpointing potential issues. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to provide accurate diagnostics.
Continuous heart monitoring is made effortless with the Holter Monitor Test. Our service prioritizes precise data collection for a comprehensive cardiac evaluation.
Our dedicated team ensures your pacemaker functions seamlessly. Routine check-ups are offered to guarantee optimal device performance and longevity.
Experience relief from varicose veins with our specialized treatments. Our comprehensive approach targets the root causes to provide effective solutions and improve vascular health.
Our treatment options can help you tackle peripheral arterial disease. Our unique method focuses on the underlying reasons in order to reduce symptoms & for better vascular health.

We Accept Most Insurance Plans!

We are committed to ensuring that quality cardiac care is accessible to everyone. That’s why we work with a wide range of insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, HMOs, PPOs, and EPOs. Our goal is to make your heart health journey as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Whether you are seeking preventive care, accurate diagnoses, or personalized treatment plans, you can have confidence in our services, knowing that your insurance is likely to be accepted. Your cardiovascular well-being is our priority, and we’re here to provide top-notch care, regardless of your insurance plan.


Management of Cardiovascular Disorders by Leading Cardiologist in Jackson Heights

Dr. Ahmad Kamal Aslam, a renowned cardiologist in NYC, is in charge of Atlantic Cardiovascular and will guide you on your journey to overcome cardiovascular disorders. At the forefront of cardiac care, our clinic offers a wide range of treatment options, from state-of-the-art surgical procedures to state-of-the-art pharmacological interventions.

Medication is carefully prescribed to fit into your life's rhythm to target and mitigate the symptoms and underlying causes of heart conditions. Atlantic Cardiovascular emphasizes a proactive approach to recovery and long-term heart health, promoting a cardiac rehabilitation program.

Patients receive not only medical care but also empowerment, learning, and support to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle that can truly transform their lives. Dr. Aslam and the team at the clinic are skilled at carrying out crucial surgeries, such as bypasses and angioplasty, with the accuracy and care that have made our Jackson Heights cardiologist a leader in the industry for more complicated cases requiring surgical expertise. Put your trust in us to be your heart health partners, where each beat of improvement is a step closer to a healthy, active life.

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Integrated with Top Medical Centers in NY for Optimal Health Outcomes

Atlantic Cardiovascular takes great pride in our associations with New York City’s top medical centers. These strategic alliances ensure our patients receive unparalleled care.

NY Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Situated at 506 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY, this hospital is dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare services.

Mount Sinai Morning

Located at 1111 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY, it is a cornerstone of health care offering cardiac care.

Mount Sinai Main

Located at 5 East 98th St, NY 10029, Mount Sinai is a medical center known for its excellence in patient care.

New York University Hospital, Manhattan

Located at 550 First Avenue, New York, this hospital is renowned for its treatments & broad range of specialties.

Your Heart Care Clinic

Atlantic Cardiovascular is home to the best cardiologist, making it a haven for those looking for the pinnacle of heart care. Our clinic is a beacon of hope and healing, where cutting-edge technology is combined with the warmth of personalized care, and every patient’s heart story is heard and honored.

Who we are?

Atlantic Cardiovascular is a collective of heart specialists, patient advocates, and medical innovators. 

Our Vision
To be the heart care epicenter of choice for New York City, setting the standard for excellence in cardiology.
Our Mission
To provide compassionate, high-quality cardiovascular care that enhances the health and well-being of our patients.
Core Values
We act with honesty and ethics. With our patients and partners, we create better outcomes and a stronger community.
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Experience our commitment to heart health through inspiring stories and advanced technologies at Atlantic Cardiovascular. Explore our site for a glimpse into compassionate care.

Accepted Insurances

  • 1199 SEIU
  • AARP
  • Aetna
  • Affinity
  • Affinity by Molina
  • Amerigroup
  • BeechStreet Multiplan
  • CareConnect
  • Centers Plan for Health Living
  • CenterLight
  • Cigna
  • Elderplan
  • EmblemHealth-GHI
  • EmblemHealth-HIP
  • Empire Bc/Bs
  • EmpirePlan
  • Fidelis
  • HealthFirst
  • Healthplus
  • Humana MR
  • MagnaCare
  • Medicaid
  • Medicaid Group
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Empire
  • Medicare GHI
  • Medicare GHI Group
  • Medicare Railroad
  • Medicare Railroad Group
  • Medicare Railroad Group
  • MetroPlus
  • Oscar
  • UHC
  • UHC-Empire Plan
  • UHC-Oxford
  • United Healthcare-Community plan
  • United Healthcare-EmpirePlan
  • United Healthcare-Oxford
  • United Healthcare-UHC
  • VillageCareMax
  • VNS choice select Medicare
  • Wellcare
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