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Valvular Heart Disease Treatment

Experience a new level of cardiac care. Our team of renowned cardiologists specializes in innovative valvular heart disease treatments, from minimally invasive repair to leading-edge valve replacement.

World-Class Valvular Heart Disease Experts at Your Service

At Atlantic Cardiovascular, we understand the anxiety and uncertainty that come with a valvular heart disease diagnosis.  A faulty heart valve can disrupt your life, causing fatigue, shortness of breath, and even chest pain. You may be wondering if you'll ever feel like yourself again, or if your condition will limit your ability to live a full and active life.  We're here to tell you that you don't have to face this alone.

Our team of renowned cardiologists has dedicated their careers to mastering the intricacies of valvular heart disease. We've spent countless hours honing our skills in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of all types of valve disorders. From common conditions like aortic stenosis to complex cases requiring surgical intervention, we have the expertise and experience necessary to deliver the highest level of care.

When you choose Atlantic Cardiovascular, you're not just getting access to world-class experts. You're gaining a partner who will walk with you through every step of your journey.  We'll work collaboratively to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals. Whether you require medication, minimally invasive repair, or state-of-the-art valve replacement, we'll guide you through your options and provide the support you need to make informed decisions about your health.

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Advanced Diagnostics & Treatment For All Types of Heart Valve Disease

At Atlantic Cardiovascular, we’re equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and cutting-edge treatments for all forms of heart valve disease

Aortic Stenosis

Early detection is key. We utilize advanced echocardiography and other imaging to assess severity. Depending on your condition, we offer minimally invasive valve repair (TAVR) or traditional surgical replacement for optimal outcomes.

Mitral Regurgitation

We pinpoint the cause of your regurgitation (e.g., prolapse, annular dilation). Our skilled surgeons offer mitral valve repair to preserve your natural valve whenever possible, or replacement if necessary.

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease

We closely monitor the progression of your bicuspid valve using echocardiograms and other tests. We offer timely intervention with valve repair or replacement to prevent complications and maintain your heart health.

Tricuspid Valve Disease

We thoroughly evaluate your tricuspid valve function using specialized imaging techniques. We offer tailored treatment plans, including medication, minimally invasive repair, or ring annuloplasty to tighten the valve.
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Minimally Invasive Valve Repair and Replacement

Valvular heart disease treatment doesn’t have to mean a lengthy recovery and a long scar. At Atlantic Cardiovascular, we specialize in minimally invasive techniques that offer a less disruptive path to a healthier heart. These advanced procedures utilize smaller incisions, specialized tools, and sometimes even catheter-based approaches, minimizing trauma to your body and promoting faster healing.
Whenever possible, our skilled surgeons prioritize minimally invasive valve repair to preserve your heart’s natural function. This approach often involves repairing the existing valve leaflets, chords, or annulus, avoiding the need for a full replacement. The benefits of repair include faster recovery times, reduced risk of complications, and a potentially longer lifespan for your valve. In some cases, valve replacement may be the most suitable option. Even then, we strive to minimize disruption through minimally invasive techniques like transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). This innovative procedure allows us to replace a diseased aortic valve without open-heart surgery, leading to shorter hospital stays, less pain, and a quicker return to your everyday life.

Comprehensive Testing for a Complete Picture of Your Valve Health

To gain a complete understanding of your valve health, we utilize a suite of advanced diagnostic tools, each designed to provide unique insights into your heart’s function. Our state-of-the-art echocardiography provides detailed images of your heart valves in motion, allowing us to assess their structure and function. We also employ electrocardiograms (EKGs) to analyze your heart’s electrical activity and stress tests to evaluate its performance under exertion.

For more complex cases, we may recommend cardiac catheterization or other specialized imaging techniques. These procedures offer a deeper look into your heart’s chambers and blood vessels, enabling us to pinpoint the exact nature and severity of your valve disease. With this comprehensive information, we can tailor a treatment plan that precisely addresses your individual needs, whether that involves medication, minimally invasive repair, or advanced valve replacement.

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